Fortification walls


The original walls built by the Illyrians date from around 370-350 BC. The walls have a length of 2.250 m with a height of 8-9 m and 3,50 m thick. The city had 6 entrance gates, which were equipped with defensive towers. In addition to these towers there are also 5 other towers in the wall that served as turning points for strengthening the wall but also as a residence for the city guards. The blocks are all regular with a height of 0,55 to 0,65 m per block. The wall is composed of 2 exterior site works which blocks in between are filled with small stones to reinforce it.


There are two critical phases during Late Antiquity. In the early fifth century, the Illyrian-Hellenistic walls have been rehabilitated: the quadrangular blocks of the front wall are replaced but are aligned with mortar and not laid dry as before. The main features of defense (by doors recovery, offsets) are retained. Towards the middle of the sixth century, Viktorinos built a wall in opus incertum. It is equipped at regular intervals with towers. This wall reduced the fortified city from 30 to 11ha.



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