Baths of Justinian


Public baths were erected west of the water cistern, taking advantage of its water The structure of the baths is rectangular and measures 24,50 x 6,40 meters. It has a number of rooms, of which the following can be made out: apodyterium (dressing rooms), frigidarium (cold water room), tepidarium (warm water room), sudation (sweating baths), caldarium (hot room), praefurnum (oven and fire house).


Many bronze coins have been found in the praefurnum, dating from the destruction of the baths in 547-551 AD; they are the coin-age of Justinian 1 and Baduila. An inscription found on one of the walls is apparently from these baths and gives the time of their construction. The inscription, engraved on a tabula ansata and partially preserved, speaks of the construction of baths in the time of Justinian I. ”I am the baths of the all powerful (ruler) Justinian, a beneficial (construction?)...”



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