Basilica C


Basilica C, west of the agora, is a medium sized church with three naves and flanked north and south by two liturgical annexes. The maximum dimensions of the church are 33m x 22,80 m. The sanctuary, paved with mosaics, ends with a semi -circular apse and a low and probably semicircular synthronon with three steps. Before the synthronon is the base of the altar table, which was expanded in a second phase. The naves are separated by columns.


The mosaics are very damaged.


An inscription on one of the mosaics shows that it has been made at the time of Bishop Praisios. But unfortunately he is not mentioned in the lists of bishops of Byllis, which would enable a date for the making of the mosaic. Probably the basilica has been built in the second quarter of the 6th century. Next to the basilica is a building from the sixth century, a typical construction for the houses in Byllis in the 5th and 6th century with its three rectangular rooms, parallel to each other, equipped with a large veranda. Some have a floor and a semi-floor, which has served for keeping food stocks .

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