Basilica D


The ruins of the Basilica D are to the North of the city, within the original enclosure, but outside of the Byzantine enclosure made by Viktorinos. This basilica includes two annexes to the North and South and a four-sided atrium. The maximum length is 45.25 m and 26,15 m width. In the sanctuary have been found the remains of a semi -circular central staircase and fragments of a pavement composed of marble slabs of various colors. The naves are separated by a high stylobate on which stood pillars, as in the Basilica A, and are surmounted by semicircular arches. In the center of the North nave a tomb has been discovered, already looted. The four-sided atrium was also provided with pilasters.


The decorative sculpture is poorer than in the other basilicas. The mosaic pavements are numerous. Six inscriptions mentioning donors are conserved: one of them provides the fragmentary name of a bishop Praes(...) who is probably the same as the bishop Praes (...) cited in the great dedicatory inscription of the sanctuary of the basilica C.


After the destruction of the basilica, the South porch and part of the court of the atrium were used for housing.

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