The wine factory in Byllis is the best preserved in the Mediterranean not only for the period of late antiquity but for all periods. The whole process of wine production can be seen, from the arrival of the grape to the extraction of wine. There is the porch with a yard where the grapes arrived and were discharged and deposited inside. From there it passed to a workshop which is preserved nearly complete with bathtubs for squeezing the grapes, a manual squeezing tool, the container where the wine was stored initially. 21 pithoi have been found where wine was kept having large volumes up to three hectoliters. So far, two large vats are excavated and another has been identified. Large tanks with dimensions to three meter and two meter high have been identified from which can be understood that the amount of wine was big.


There may also be other stores that are not excavated yet. A shop for production of olive oil has been discovered a few years ago. Ovens and mills have been found as well as a place to make fuel out of the remainder of the olives.



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